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When attempting to start the WatchDog NT service, I get the following error:

Services could not start the service LPS (WatchDogNT) on server error 0193_%1 is not a valid Windows NT application


This error indicates a permissions issue with the account the Loftware Print Server (WatchDog-NT) is using. In order for the service to start, it must be a member of the Administrators group on the PC where it is installed. Note that the LPS does not necessarily have the required permissions if it is a member of a group that is itself a member of the PC's Administrators Group. It must be a "direct" member of the local Admin group.


If you plan to print to networked printers, then the LPS needs access to network resources, requiring the LPS (WD-NT) user to be a member of the Domain Administrator's Group.


Article Number



 All Versions of Loftware Running the LPS (or WatchDog-NT)


All supported installation environments.