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How Use Zebra's Mobile Printers with Loftware


Make sure you have a copy of the QL320/QL420 User's Guide. The guide comes from the manufacturer and is the best source of information about the QL320/QL420 printers. There are copies available for download from It is also a good idea to make sure you have a copy of the Label Vista program installed, which is useful for configuring and obtaining printer settings as well as performing software updates to the printer. This program is also available for download from


The QL320/QL420 in its standard configuration cannot be driven using the Loftware Zebra QL320/QL420 native printer driver; the printer must have optional features installed in order for this driver to work. These options may be upgraded which, if necessary, should be done with assistance or specific instructions from a Zebra representative. For informational purposes, this document provides the general steps required for these upgrades. If you are unsure what options your printer is equipped with, print out a configuration label.
The instructions for doing so as published in the QL320/QL420 User's Guide are as follows:

  1. Turn the printer off. Load the media compartment with journal media (media with no black bars printed on the back).
  2. Press and hold the Feed Button.
  3. Press and release the Power button while keeping the Feed button pressed. When printing starts, release the Feed button.

Printer requirements

2 MB Flash memory. The configuration label shows how much flash memory the printer is equipped with. It comes standard with 1 MB. Contact your Zebra representative if you need to increase the printer's memory.

ZPL Interpreter

If the printer is equipped with this option, the "File Directory:" section of the configuration label contains a "ZPL Configuration Information" section.
If your printer is not equipped with this option, follow these general steps: (Consult your Zebra representative for specific information.)

  1. Make sure that the printer has the required 2 MB of flash memory.
  2. Download the ZPL Interpreter to the printer. You may need to obtain the ZPL Interpreter file from Zebra. The file can be transmitted to the printer using the supplied serial cable & the Label Vista program.

Printer connections and configuration

By default, the QL320/QL420 is configured to turn itself off after 2 minutes of inactivity. Loftware recommends disabling this setting from the Printer Settings page in Label Vista. Additionally, by default it is configured to turn itself off whenever it receives a high to low signal transition on its DTR pin. If you will be printing with a serial connection, Loftware also recommends disabling this setting from the Printer Settings page in Label Vista.

Serial Connection

Use the supplied serial cable to configure the printer using the Label Vista program or to print serially using Loftware. When printing with Loftware be sure to match the parity, baud rate, data bits, stop bits, and flow control setting in the Printer Connection dialog box to those in the printer.

Network Connection

Configure the various network settings (IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, Network Port, etc.) via a serial cable with the Label Vista program.
When printing from Loftware, the IP Address and Raw Port settings in the Printer Connection dialog ox should match the IP Address and Network Port setting in the printer.
Note: If you are using an Access Point to connect a QL320N/QL420 to your LAN, the IP Address of the Access Point should be different than the IP Address of the printer.

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