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How can a TrueType font be downloaded to a Zebra printer so it does not have to be remapped?


Part 1 - In the Zebra ZTOOLS* Program

  1. Choose File > ADD from the ZTOOLS program. (Version 3.1)
  2. Select the font to be downloaded in the dialog box.

Notice the zst extension. The TTF font must be converted by a Zebra Utility into zpl language. It then has a ZST extension. The font you select to download must also be installed on the PC. (TTF ext)

  1. Click OK and the dialog box closes.
  2. Select View > Download
  3. In the dialog box that is displayed, Press the "-" button. (displayed in Blue).
  4. Press the button with the "Stop Light" icon.

The font starts downloading to the printer. When the font has finished downloading to the printer, the Stop Light button which was grayed out, returns to its original state. (highlighted).

Part 2 - In Loftware Design Mode

  1. Open the label in Design Mode.
  2. Choose File > Label Setup or F5
  3. Press Label Options, and check the Recall TrueType Fonts checkbox under the Options, This Label Section, click OK
  4. Place a field on the label and change the Font Category to TrueType Font in the Properties Box.
  5. Select the TrueType Font that has been downloaded to the printer and also installed on the PC in the drop down list of the Properties box next to the Font property
  6. Print the label.

Loftware gets the name of the font with the TTF extension, and replaces the TTF extension with a ZST extension.

Points to remember

  • All TrueType Fonts are either be sent to the printer as a bitmap, or they are all recalled from the printer. You are not able to mix and match them.
  • If the printer is turned off, the font is lost unless it has been downloaded to something other than volatile ram.
  • This functionality is only available in Loftware Versions and above.
  • The printer must have the correct version firmware that supports this functionality.
    {}ZTools* may be downloaded from {+}

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 Loftware Versions and above


All supported installation environments.

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