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When connecting to an Excel Worksheet, numeric data prints in scientific notation on my label.


In Excel, if you enter a numeric value into a field, it automatically converts the number to scientific notation.


If you are creating a new worksheet, before entering any data, highlight all cells and select Format | Cells from the menu bar. Highlight 'Text' under the 'Number' tab for all columns.


The number 100,000,000,000 becomes 1E+11. To prevent this from happening, you need to change the column type for fields that contain numeric data to Text.

If you have an existing worksheet, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Open your worksheet file in Excel (sample.xls).
  2. Select File | Save As and choose the 'Text (Tab Delimited) (*.txt)' Save As Type (sample.txt).
  3. Save the File into a directory (c:\excel\sample.txt).
  4. Close the worksheet; choose File | Open and select the worksheet you exported (sample.txt). The Excel 'Text Import Wizard' opens.
  5. Choose Delimited for Step 1 and Tab for Step 2.
  6. Set all columns to Text For Step 3; click Finish.
  7. Save the file as an Excel file (sample.xls)
  8. Reconnect the label to the Worksheet.

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