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When printing to a Zebra printer, the information from the previous label (variable fields, bitmaps, etc...) is overlapping the data for the label that is currently printing..


This problem may occur if your Zebra printer is not configured to clear out the "image map" in the printer's memory before each print job. If the image map is not cleared before each print, then the previous label prints over the label you are currently printing. To configure your printer to clear the image map before each print, follow these steps:

  1. Select File > Printers or F6 from Design or one of the Loftware Print Modules.
  2. Select your Zebra printer from the list of configured printers; click Printer Setup. In Ver. 7x+, click on Options in the LLM Printer Configuration Grid.
  3. Enter ^MCY in the box labeled 'ZPL Command' and set the "Send Command" to "Before Label".
  4. Click OK and try re-printing your labels.

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