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How do I create a label that does not print a blank line if no data is supplied?



A typical address label has the following fields:
Address 1
Address 2

If no data is available for Address 2, then this line is printed as a blank. To prevent this behavior, complete the following steps:

  1. Place a paragraph field on the label in Design.
  2. Set the Char per line to exactly the same number as the longest field of any of the individual address fields.
  3. Create address information fields in the On-Demand Print Form.(See the On-Demand Print Chapter in the Manual for more information on this.)
  4. Set each field's Padding Property in the Properties Box to "Trailing Spaces".
  5. If the label is connected to a database, connect the fields to the appropriate field in the database (i.e.; Address 1 in database linked to Address 1 on the On-Demand Print Form)
  6. Return to Label Design, Double-click on the Paragraph Field.
  7. Choose "Formula" for the Data Source.
  8. Add all address fields to the formula, with the operator "Combine (&)" in between each field.The formula might look something like: Name & Address 1 & Address 2 & City & State & Zip
  9. Save the label.

The Address Fields are printed in the sequence that is created in the formula, and if there is missing data, the fields "move up" to the next available line.

Label Design and Print.


On Demand Print Form. Note that under Field Properties each is required to be Max # Chars of 20. 


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 All versions of Loftware


All supported installation environments.