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Loftware does not support the ability to print datamatrix symbols with cell heights of more than 20 pixels, but the printer supports this natively.

Creating a label with a Datamatrix symbol and attempt to set the Cell Height to a value greater than 20. The Cell Height is automatically reset to 20.

The solution is to design a label combining the use of field level scripting and ZPL or IPL pass through.


A printer that supports native printing of Datamatrix barcodes in IPL or ZPL language.

How to Create a Datamatrix symbol with cell height greater than 20 pixels

Create a label with 5 text fields.

Field 1: This field must be named with a "pfield" prefix that designates this field as a Printer Language Pass Through field (Name: ptfield1)

Note: The pass through field can be any variable field. I chose to use a datamatrix symbol in this case to make the intention of the pass through clear.

Field 2: This field will accept the data to be encoded in the datamatrix symbol (Name: Input)

Field 3: This field will accept the location in pixels of the symbology (Name: Location)

Field 4: This field will accept the size in pixels of the datamatrix cells (Name: CellHeight)

Field 5: This is the script field.

ZPL Script Example:

// Original Print to File ^FO70,115^BXN,20,200,0,0,6,_ ^FV12345678901234567890123456789012345678901234567890^FS 

Go to Online ZPL Viewer to view the above ZPL print stream

IPL Script Example:

// Original Print to File: <STX>B0,datamatr;o2300,100;f3;h20;w20;i0;c17,200,0,0,0,1,1;d3,ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWX;D39;<ETX>

Please note the field origin coordinate system for Intermec is rotated 90 degrees


The label produced will have a datamatrix barcode of the size, location, and data specified during data entry.


Note: Print Preview, and Design will NOT properly represent the output in this situation.

Article Number



Loftware version 10.x and higher



Any Supported Loftware Environment