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Loftware does not have a way to control the value of the Label Top setting on Zebra printers, but resets it to zero (0) with every print job. There are 3 ways to change this behavior when zero is not the desired Label Top.


  1. Set the Label Top value using the printer UI (i.e. Web UI or LCD) and then enable the "Do Not Send the Label Top command" in Options | Preferences | Zebra in the Design 32 application. This is a global option and would always honor the Label Top value set at the printer level, even if that is not the desired value for the label or printer.

  2. Change the Label Home Y (pixels) setting. The printer Label Top setting will still be reset to 0, but all of the field positions of the label will be adjusted by the setting configured. The end result is the same as changing the Label Top command, but if trouble shooting is needed, this is often not the first place one would look, and can only be configured in the Label Specific Options (LSO).

  3. Set a Custom ZPL command in the Printer Specific Options (PSO) or Label Specific Options (LSO) that will override the 0 setting that Loftware sends.
    • ZPL Command: ^LTxx (where xx is the number of pixels to adjust the Label Top)
    • Send Command: After ZPL Control Strings


When to Use Encapsulation

When sending ZPL commands, the Start and End commands must be encapsulated with ^XA and ^XZ at the following times:

  •  Before the Label
  •  After the label

However, at the following times, you DO NOT need to encapsulate your commands:

  •  After ZPL Control String
  •  Last Command After ^PQ
  •  Last Command before ^PQ




Article Number



All supported versions of LLM/LPS.


All supported environments.