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The Loftware Connector for SAP user interface (UI) does not display any Provda data. Provda is the data source for all Rules, Labels, and server information related to the LPS and the target SAP callback system. The UI displays all the proper formatting but does not display any of the data, including drop-down options that are in Provda by default. 


The root cause of this issue is not fully understood, but is related to Group Policy controlled security of Internet Explorer that will not allow the data to be displayed.


We found that the Group Policy constraint was only applied to actual servers and not individual desktop systems. By running Internet Explorer on a user's system and pointing it to the server (i.e., http://<ServerName>/sapcon) we were able to access the UI and the appropriate data was displayed.

Article Number



Loftware Connector for SAP Programs 2.0.4


All supported Loftware Connector for SAP Environments