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How can I prevent Loftware from prompting for a password each time I open a label connected to a password-protected database, whether it is open in Design 32, On-Demand Print 32, or On-Demand Print Client?


If you would like to allow access to labels which are connected to password protected databases, but do not wish to give out the database password, follow these steps to allow automatic access to such labels and databases:

  1. Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > Loftware Labeling > Design 32.
  2. In Design 32, open the label that you want to connect to the password protected database.
  3. Double-click on the field, or right click and select Edit Data Source on the field that is considered the database-key field. This is normally the primary key for the database that is password protected.

  4. Select the Advanced button.
    The Advanced button opens an additional Database Connection Information box.
  5. Type in the following password string:


<username> = Username for the database

<password> = Password for the user above to connect to the database

<DSNName> = DSN name that the ODBC is called to connect the server/client to the database.

Very important to remember each argument is separated by a semi-colon and the line must end with a semi-colon

 Select OK on the Additional Database Connection box, and then select OK in the Datasource box, and save the label.

When you open the label in On-Demand Print Client or On-Demand Print 32 or Design 32, the username and password prompt should not pop-up.


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All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported installation environments.