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The QL series of Zebra printers (for example, QL420) DO NOT work with Loftware out of the box.  In many cases customers can only print blank labels, even though every thing in Loftware is configured correctly.

Known Issues:

  • New QL series printer do not use ZPL natively, they use CPCL but have a ZPL interpreter installed.  However, even if the interpreter is installed it may not be active.
  • When printing using Loftware, the QL series has a problem finding the correct tear off point.
  • The QL 420 plus does not support Z64 compression, resulting in incorrect barcode printing. (For example, a Datamatrix barcode)


To correct the tear off point issue and activate the ZPL interpreter

Print the QL Series calibration labels in the order below to correct the tear off point issue, enable the ZPL interpreter, and calibrate the label stock in the printer.

  1. Test print the "QL420_TearOff.lwl" label. (This will most likely eject a blank label)
  2. Test print the "QL420_SetZPL.lwl" label. (This will also eject a blank label)
  3. Test print the "QL420_Calibrate.lwl" label. (This will eject 3-4 blank labels and one that says "Calibrate")

To correct the z64 compression issue

Deselect the Z64 compression, using the following steps:

  1. Select the printer from the LLM Device Configuration grid and click the Options button to display the printer options.
  2. Locate the Z64 checkbox and click to de-select.
  3. Click OK to accept the change.


Note: QLn series printer needs to be calibrated from the printer. The Calibration labels do not work with this Series. To calibrate the printer go to the physical printer, and select tools, and then press the right key until you see Label Length Calibrate. Click start with that selected, and if it Calibrates correctly you will see two blank labels come out of the printer stopping on the gap perfectly.


Article Number



 LLM/LPS versions 9.7 or later


All supported installation environments.