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The LPS Configuration Utility Information tab provides the product version for Configuration, Service, Subsystem, and Agent, along with additional information about your Loftware Print Server (LPS).


Use the Information tab when you need information when contacting Loftware Technical support, when you need to know which account is logged into the service, or you need the IP address of your LPS server.

 Information TabDescription
AProduct VersionThe product version for Configuration, Service, Subsystem and Agent.
BMisc Info

Service Path: Directory path where the WatchDogNT.exe is located.

Subsystem Path: Directory path where the Llmbp32.exe is located.

Agent path: Directory path where the llmAgentSvc.exe  is located.


Misc Info

User ID: Current Administrator account used by the LPS Service (the primary manager of the service).

Service Status: Current state of Loftware Print Server = RUNNING/STOPPED.

Logged in User: Current user profile logged in to the computer.

IP Address: IP Address assigned the Loftware Print Server.

DService Manager

Starts or stops the Loftware Print Server in Service Mode.

Article Number



LPS 10.2


Any supported LPS Family product environment