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This page provides information on the components located in the General tab of the Loftware Print Server Configuration Utility.


LPS runs in memory as a service; therefore, most mapped drive letters, due to new stringent security standards, will not be accessible. When configuring additional scan directories, instead of using a mapped drive (M:\drop), use the Universal Naming Convention (UNC) path (\\ws1\drop).

Before Scan directories can be configured or added, the LPS (Windows) service must be stopped.

 General TabDescription
AScan SettingsAllows the user to set up additional scan directories for programs that cannot use the default WDDrop folder.
BMulti-Scan GridFile interface that allows a user to configure custom scan directories.
CAdd | Edit | RemoveAdding a scan directory | Edit a preexisting scan directory | Remove a scan directory
DPass/CSV Data TrimIf data contains leading or trailing spaces, you can use this setting to trim them. Valid for .pas file only.
EService Manager

Starts or stops the Loftware Print Server in Service Mode.

Auto-start: Select to enable the service to run when the OS starts.

FLanguageSelect the default language for the Loftware Application. Can be made on a per-user basis. Controls the user interface only and does not affect LPS performance.
GHelpAccess the LPS Configuration Utility Help.


Article Number



LPS 10.2


Any supported LPS Family product environment