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The Directory Setup is where you can configure your Loftware Print Server (LPS) Scan Directory path(s). 


Adding a Scan Directory

You are required to first create a folder before you can add it as a scan directory using Windows Explorer.

Do Not Write Data Directly to the Scan Directories

It is highly recommended not to write data to a file directly in the WDdrop or other scan directories. Writing to a file in a scan directory could cause your job to become orphaned in the OLEBP directory where the corresponding (.lpj) is missing.

 Directory SetupDescription
A Scan Directory Path

The directory or directories where print requests are configured for using the File Interface. Can be located on any network drive and may use more then one directory. Must use UNC path if the directory is not local. Both your front-end application and the Loftware Print Server (LPS) must have Read/Write access.

Simple systems that do not have high throughput requirements can simply use the default of one scan directory.

B BrowseUsed to locate the scan directory. Recommended to eliminate errors when typing the scan directory path manually.
CScan For

Identifies the file format that will be accepted by LPS as a valid print request.


Specifies the file extension LPS will look/scan for, which include but are not limited to .pas, .csv, .bch, and .xml files.

FIFO (First In First Out): If enabled, files are processed in the order in which they are received.

Legacy Settings

This field is not used with CMD (Legacy) settings.


Assign Directory
to Device
Allows you to assign a dedicated printer to a scan directory. Used if there is no print number command in a print request. Files dropped with this setting enabled are sent to the assigned printer. Overrides file printer designation.  
FEnable Polling

LPS remains idle until the OS communicates that the contents of the scanned directory have changed. Enable Polling is disabled by default, however polling must always be enabled for shared network drives. If you have Polling disabled and discover that LPS is not processing your files, it is highly recommended to enable Polling and set the interval to the appropriate millisecond you intend to poll the directory.

2000 millisecond (2 seconds) is the default. Enabling Polling overrides OS Event File trigger.


Article Number



LPS 10.2


Any supported LPS Family product environment