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When printing to a Zebra 105se, the backslash () character does not print in my text fields.


The default character set that is used when printing to a Zebra printer (USA 1) is not capable of printing the backslash character and instead prints the "cent" symbol. If you need to use a backslash on your label, you need to change the printer's character set to IBM Code Page 850.

  1. Select File > Printers... or press [F6] from Design or one of the Loftware Print Modules. Printer Configuration is displayed.
  2. Select the Zebra printer in question from the list of Configured Printers and click Options, or in Loftware Versions 6x or less, Printer Setup....
  3. Change the Character Set under Font Options to IBM Code Page 850; click OK.

You are now able to print the backslash character.


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