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When opening a label with ODBC connections in On Demand or Range Print, I am prompted to select a database to connect to.

Is it possible for the label to automatically link to a specific data base, as opposed to having to select the same one each time I load the label?

How To

The behavior described above will occur if you did not select a specific data base for the ODBC data source to link to when creating it in the ODBC Administrator. To configure the data source to point to a specific data base, thus alleviating the need to select it each time the label is loaded, follow these steps:

  1. From the Windows desktop, select Start | All Programs | Loftware Labeling | Data Sources (ODBC).
  2. From the list of installed data sources, select the one that the label in question is connected to and click Configure. The ODBC Data Source Setup dialog opens.
  3. The options presented on the setup screen varies depending on the type of driver being configured; if a Use Current Directory option is available, remove the selection. Either a Select Directory, Select Database, or Select Workbook button will be present; select whichever one is available and select the appropriate target. Click OK.

When the label that is linked to the reconfigured data source is opened in one of the print modules, you should no longer be prompted to select a specific data base.

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All 32-bit Loftware Versions 


All supported installation environments.